Interview with Sudden Infant and their Chauffeur

On the occasion of their European Tour 2016, two members of Sudden Infant, (Joke Lanz and Christian Weber) and their chauffeur and merch man Mario Paserotti came to the Radio On Studio in Berlin. By meeting people, who don’t know anything about the sounds and music, that we present on Radio On, nor have any clue, who these people are that appear as guests on our shows, I have come to understand, that most of our programs are some kind of inside job. You are here, because you know, and not because you are curious.

Well, this show with Sudden Infant doesn’t make you any wiser. It goes against all the rules of conduct, journalism and the free spreading of information. Guests as well as hosts are mistreated, unfriendly sounds pierce the ears, the hard working noise band members are forced to play toy instruments and drink cheap wine, and the only sensible word comes from the chauffeur, who has some interesting stories to tell on how to park backwards or how to choose the perfect Suddeninfantmobil.

We were wise enough to play a Sudden Infant track every eight minutes.


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