Curious Fox Poetry Evening parts 1 and 2 – Isn’t everything Poetry?

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Every now and again I see the concept ‘post-internet.’ I am sure it means something, and the combination of the words ‘post’ and ‘internet’ is surely daring. Still. There are things between heaven and earth that internet doesn’t think of, like a tradition of communicating that existed before the birth of the world wide web. I mean correspondence or diaries.

In the old days poetry looked like it was meant to age on the yellowing pages of a book. Popular lines got carved into tombstones. When I listened to Hera Lindsay Bird on our radio, and read her poems, the poets and aspiring poets that read out their works at the Curious Fox bookstore in Berlin came to mind. I got the impression that their printed poems needed the voice of its creator, much like an interior monologue read aloud, or the way you write letters in your head to a friend or lover, or to some celebrity or who-ever. It is a kind of day-dreaming captured in words. It is exactly this day-dreaming of words that lead to the writing of long letters or diaries. I have the impression that the new wave of poets connect to that old tradition.


Anyway, word to Adrian Shephard who was there to record them all, when Curious Fox Books celebrated its third birthday:

It was a dark and rainy post-Halloween night at Curious Fox English bookstore on Flughafenstrasse in Neukölln. This was the renowned regular poetry night where Dave and Orla host live readings from those wishing to share their works. Emeka Ene stunnningly emblazoned in a silver baubled top (see pic) presented the evening and provided his similarly unmatchable energy and humour throughout the evening. I must add that I went to record the evening only but ended up premiering a short horror story that I’d written recently (well it was close enough to Halloween after all) entitled ‘the haunted goldfish bowl’ primarily aimed at scaring the wits out of under five year olds. That’s also featured during this evening however you won’t be able to see that I presented it using a torchlight for maximum Blair Witch effect. 

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