Isn’t Everything Poetry – January ’17 Poetry Readings at Curious Fox Book Store in Berlin

I like these evenings. And I was never there. But it is one of those happenings in town of which I think that they should exist; they should exist for ever. It is the same with people who write long letters on paper and send them to friends who might live around the corner or on another continent.

In times of Proust letters were written in the morning, send out and in eager anticipation of the returning post a new letter was written to be send out in the evening.

And now, In Berlin, every month there are people filled with expectations who disappear underground or in the narrow streets of the neighborhood to walk up the long Flughafenstrasse with its thrift stores and sports bars.

On one cold January evening Adrian Shephard, our man with the open mike, arrived. This is what he experienced:

“I arrive close to 8pm for the opening of the first 2017 ‘isn’t everything poetry?’ evening at Curious Fox Books on Flughafenstrasse Neukölln. Emeka, our host had just arrived and we both stand outside in subzero January weather.
‘I’m nervous’, he told me..’ he looks like a Greek god – how can he be nervous? Through the door the place is so packed I’m relegated to the sci-fi section in the corridor. I setup my recorder in the children’s area and hope I pressed record…”

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