On the 1st of February Adrian Shephard walked to Kunsthaus Bethanien in Berlin, Kreuzberg. He was going to attend a talk that was organised by the CTM festival. I cite from the CTM information.

“Bight of the Twin,” a film created by Hazel Hill McCarthy III, documents McCarthy and P-Orridge’s trip to Benin to explore the origins of the ancient Vodoun (Voodoo) religion. The journey’s focus changed dramatically when, in the process of their research, P-Orridge was “serendipitously initiated” into an ancient ritual known as the “twin fetish.” This practice, which seeks to activate and connect the spirit of a dead twin with the living twin, was applied to P-Orridge’s situation of grief and in turn held the promise of reconnecting her with Breyer’s spirit.” 

Word to Adrian

“I recorded the film ‘Bight of the Twin’ discussion between Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Hazel Hill McCarthy 111 today (February 1st) at Bethanien for the Club Transmediale 2017 festival on the theme ‘Fear Anger Love’. There’s an intro,  a horrible reverb recording and occasional ‘field recordings of squeaky chairs’…Both moving and inspirational (try and keep up till the end) , Genesis speaks of Lady Jay Breyer P-Orridge as a twin and their Pandrogynistic beliefs and ‘treating daydreams seriously as a way of life’…worth making notes if you can decipher the cathedral reverb and a testament to the times ‘they are a changing’ that we are living in now.”

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