Sasha Pushkin & Ania Psh interviewed by Adrian Shephard
about their forthcoming collaboration on 4.2.17 in Berlin.
Radio Broadcast 13:00-14:00 03.2.17 Live


Details of their performance one day later
Experimental performance. First time in Berlin!
Sasha Pushkin, objects, piano inside, Ania P.s ( UK). – Dance
PjanoPlease Cafe
Schivelbeiner Straße 8  Berlin
If You Want To Know How The Wind Is Blowing , You Can Look At The Sand.– B.B.Cohen
Sasha Pushkin -video 1 and 2 – sound –Fb
Born in St Petersburg, classically trained pianist, improvisor, singer, writer, painter and much more!

Ania Psh:
Visual and performance artist originally from Estonia now based in England. Her main interests are authenticity of the fragile human body.

To watch from the perspective of an animal , insect, inanimate object, value , everything. –Tatsumi Hijikata