Shephard & Van Alebeek – Coast to Coast Tour Dream Show

It’s our radio station and we can broadcast if we want to. And that is great. Before you take out your checkbook to donate us tons of money, have a listen first.

It’s one of our dreams to take Radio On on the road, go to the land of dreams, visit big cities and small villages, and transmit. A Radio On Coast to Coast Tour. Just think of the world we could encounter. And finally unravel the biggest cliché and pick out the neatest, strangest and most normal stories. Meet people in the real!

This happened on an evening when it was still 2013. The world hadn’t come to an end. We were at our Oranien Studio in the heart of legendary Kreuzberg where Blixa, Bowie and Little Istanbul are just around the corner.

We played records our friends gave to us, listened, leaned back and talked about our dreams.

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