Adrian Shephard – Scratched Vinyl Show #6 – Atomic

Radio On Studio is a very old space station, floating over the roofs of Berlin Kreuzberg. If you are in Berlin, look up, you might catch the strange hardly identifiable flying object. And if you are lucky, you can wave at Adrian as he sticks his head out of the window and plays his toy trumpet. Or you try to make sense of the things he tells you from upthere, but alas..the wind, the traffic ..

“Maybachufer flohmarkt…last minute.. on the edge .. big green caterpillar on the pavement..strangle my finger…certain things like North Korea  … creeping … consciousness…crumb…things you draw … Atomic…broken toys invade the show …Broken Toy Show …Sif Lay for ever”



M & Lee – Hot Coffee

Atomic T – Debbie!

Scissors of Mersey – Let Her Come

Mr. Sif Lay – Suspend Your Mind



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