Isn’t everything poetry? Readings with Ken Shakin, Robert Stastny, Ida Loggert and many anonymous others

The Curious Fox Book shop on the Flughafenstrasse in Berlin presents regular poetry evenings. Before the break invited poets read their poems, after the break poets in the audience, mostly announced by their first name step up, and cheered by the audience, read their short serious, intimate or hilarious poetry.

I don’t know how the evenings would evolve if Guinness were consumed by the gallons. You can hear from the reactions that everyone has a very good time, and that the readings, organised by David Gordon, are a welcome contribution to Berlin’s big list of non-institutional events.

On this evening, recorded in March 2017 by Radio On’s loyal visitor Adrian Shephard, you hear Ken Shaking, Robert Stastny, Ida Loggert and a long line of poets, only known to the audience, while you as a listener can wonder, next time someone enters a bar or the U-Bahn:” Is it you? ”

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