Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté (Lecture on Musical Sound)

Imagine a place where you can see seven fast food shops in one second. Can’t be too hard. Imagine the people in the pedestrian’s zone that go with it. Also this can’t be too difficult. Imagine the shop windows of the shoe stores. Focus. it is not hard. Imagine the mannequins in the shop windows, their blank faces. Good, we’re getting somewhere. Now imagine you start walking, and that you are with someone. You discuss a very profound problem. You wish you could speak French, and that this, what you imagine right now, is a movie. It is a black and white movie in color. And you talk like two university students and you are very deep into the matter. Imagine this. And then listen to this show.


OGRITCH – The story of A.F. // J.W. Polimono – Bright Sand Suite // The Automatics Group – Every track from Ministry of Sound Miami Sessions // Angelo Harmsworth – Tracing Line // Jesse Sparhawk – Lotus Bombs // Detente – what if gucci gang god // Folding Pidgeon – Butterfly in the sky with god /

/ Euglossine – Archipeligo Invisible // Jean Claude Risset “The perception of musical sound” (excerpt) // Jim Strong – Rhizome DC // Inanition – Anniversary // Nils Quak – Draussen nut Kaennchen // Mister Schléèmm – Splook // {AN} EeL – Pulqüe // Meronti – hamster party // aLTERkRANKERmANN – Puet // Dagshenma – lo loo // N.M.O. – A-SIDE-WTN_-26 ADHD- edit // {AN} EeL – Phöhm // jill – Going to sound like (ASMR version) // Karin Schick – Karin Schick Shiny Happy People (R.E.M. Cover) /

/ Alexandra Spence – sleep in nothingness // DIN is Noise – What_Do_You_Want_Todo // Philippe Lamy – VeLvOcc // Echo Hazard – Elliot // wosX – “Ezra Marcus Is A Dirty K*ke” (antisemitic slur censored but wosX is Jewish so technically it’s okay for him to use this slur?) // Sascha Müller – 03 // Maria Moles – New Age Tape Batch // Jaan Patterson – Doctor, what has Cesuacantho to do with this? // Ben Zimmerman – The FADER vs Fantasmo (This Is The Plan) // Shinya Sugimoto – TYL Suite /

/ Fox – Destroying Myself Again // J.S. Bach – Sheep may safe graze // Furchick – Eating fish and chips with Kate at the beach // DIN is Noise – yeah i know but sorry i got to go // Detente – I got the key (duplicate edit) // STILNOX Gorenoise Di Gelap Gulita – 闘将ダイモス // AG Davis – Threnody for yellow crack // Thomascow – Sweet Caroline // Sour Gout – White Tongue // wosX – Springtime Solace // Yakui – Earthworm // DuermeDuerme – Ceramic // Tancla – Ceramic Ivy // Hyperesthesia – Gritos en la noche // Passport Dream Interpretation // Black Mecha – I sent Sircle // A.R.D.E. – SC 180426 125859 // Farmersmanual – T2.1

Voices: Emma, Steven, Laura
Agnès Pe, 2018 (Madrid)

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