Gillian McIver – Lecture about Imaginary Movies

Gillian McIver talks at the opening of her exhibition. She writes that the exhibition is about posters which she made by taking some of her favourite “cinematic” paintings and imagining them as movies. She then made the posters for the films, imagining which actors might star in these imaginary films and what the critics might say about them.

Her lecture takes the listener on an unfamiliar time travel experience. We know about the future, future worlds, and even visitors from the future. Gillian erases the time gap between the past and the present. The past is represented in the paintings that she describes. Themes and occurances of which we thought they had disappeared with human progress are still current topics. A simple change does the trick. Imagine the paintings of the past as posters of imaginary movies, and one realises that these movies are very much in the now.

Adrian Shephard was there to record the lecture.

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