Dai Coelacanth:

“Elizabeth hated her brother. The family bought him at auction. When they got him home he was covered in a noxious dust. He had to live in the barn for the first three years. And now he was in the house. He had a room filled with rare antiquities. He drank blood straight from the sack. Mother gifted him shares in a successful worm farm. Father begged him for his blessings. What did Elizabeth get, as the true born, the rightful heir? They hired unskilled thugs to pull her teeth out. Kidnaped her off the street corner. Took her to a disused factory. Pulled them out with a set of Crab Fingers. They were being paid a flat fee so worked quickly. She refused to scream. When she got out of the hospital she hired a Venusian killer. Just the one. She was very good. Cost a lot of money. Worth it. For the results.”



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