Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Samantha

The history books will look different soon. Everyone can write one, a personal one. Never have the lifes and times of grandparents been so close to our present day experiences. The show Lord Litter offers is a trip to the past that still seems to be part of our present. But you can see and hear that it has started to fade away.


1. Blake Jones and the Trike Shop – Goldfinger
2. Blake Jones and the Trike Shop – That Abandoned Theatre
1/2 CDMake

3. Sleep 13 – Birds
4. Sleep 13 – Asbestos
3/4 CDSleep 13

5. Wipeout – thrift
6. Wipeout – subwoovers on wheels
5/6 CD – anthems for the underarchievess

>> Classic Cassette Compilation Special
7. Paladin Chamber Orchestra With Vivaldi Percussion Ensemble – La mutande de Samatha (extract)
8. Pol Silentblock – Somme en tas; fax
9. Jody And The Creams – Moulted fur from a labrador (part 2 & 24)
10. E. Hermbersin – Prelude pour Samantha

11. Les Amis De Sammy S’y Sont Mis – Ode a Sam (attention, le gain’s barre) (part1 &2)
12. Sack – Showing
13. Lady June – I think I’m growing down
14. Machine Maid Man – Simple sam says
The compilation was released on INSANE MUSIC in 1990, who’s mastermind Alain Neffe you find here:: Alain Neffe– YouTube Interview (from 2015)

15. Walls Of Genius – Wishful Thinking
16. Walls Of Genius – In the Belly of the Trombone
15/16 CD – Wanted: “El Jeffe Loco”

17. nick nicely – The Doors of Perception – 7″ vinyl



>> Cassette Compilation > Berlin Tape Run (Cassette Culture Node Linz Edition)
18. James Edmonds – opening boxes
19. Beryl Smith / Lara Szanne Schroeder – milk causing realisation
20. Marcel Turkowsky – visitation 159

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