The Scratched Vinyl Show #12 – ‘I remember his tail and more tales …’

Adrian Shephard, one of the founding fathers of Radio On, lives not far from a flea market. With first sunny days to hit Berlin, the sellers come out again and set up their stalls. This is the sign that springtime has arrived, but it is also the moment that the scratched vinyl show awakes from its hibernation.

Adrian returns from the market with a bag full of old records. And as Mussorgsky used to say, every record tells a story. This is what the scratched vinyl show is all about. A show full of suspense, what is the next song, and what story, memory, or adventure will it bring. This time Adrian brings you to a mediterranean island during wartime. Warm evenings turn into hot nights. Smiles are beautiful and the soldiers are drunk and willing. One night on sea, travelling back to the new homeland, the ship risks to be set on fire. But no worries, you’ll arrive at the harbour, safe and dry. A few years later the British Empire comes to an end. It’s a perfect day.

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