The Second Interview with our Man in Kiev

The second interview with Dmytro is done in two parts. Do we need to say more about him? From the interview you will learn that he is at the protester’s camp every day and takes part in the protests in one way or an other.

The interview goes on for almost an hour. We hear about historical (Stalinist) origins of the cultural and political division between east and west-Ukraine and how this has an impact on the protest movement. The point of the radical opposition gets explained; the perception of the diplomatic turmoil.

Dmytro gives a very useful insight in why the extreme right in the Ukrain protest movement is different from the extreme right as we know it in western Europe. Why the radical opposition is the third (excluded) party in the conflict. Some talks on media coverage. The extreme tension in the streets and the fear of Putin’s next step. The smell of the revolution in the supermarkets.

Not to be missed if you want to get more background information from a well-informed Soviet-born citizen of Kiev.

The first transmission will be on Monday 10. February at 22:00. Re-broadcasts are on Tuesday 11. Feb at 02:00-03:00, 14:00-15:00, 22:00-23:00; on Wednesday 12. Feb. at 22:00-23:00; Friday 14. Feb. at 22:00-23:00; Sunday 16.Feb. at 14:00-15:00.
All time indications are Berlin Time count -6 to -9 for the USA and +1 for Eastern Europe.