Jason Honea and his Brave Ear Radio Show-interview with Mexican Radio

When the show starts Jason reads this text and announces some of his questions:

“Mexican Radio is a synth punk three-piece with high-energy songs inspired by bands like Cabaret Voltaire, DAF and Stereo Total. They wear brightly-colored uniforms at all times –they really do and we’re gonna talk about that- and their live shows come across like psychotic radio broadcasts from another planet – a relentless onslaught of sinister yet danceable grooves. –this is true- They also host a monthly radio show on KCRW Berlin 104,1 FM called The Mexican Radio Radio Show. –I definitely wanted to ask you about this too-“


But what really tickles my interest is Der Sturz


Jason talks with Dyan Valdés and Hannes Neupert.

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