“The Wirebender presents part one of a three part special. David Asher from Detroit has compiled the first artist feature of the year: Ghetto Priest.

David will showcase Ghetto Priest’s work with On-U Sound Records, Asian Dub Foundation  and all of the aspects of his diverse and collaborative musical mayhem, including rare and unreleased tracks provided by On U Sound mastermind Adrian Maxwell Sherwood and Ghetto Priest.”

Some words on Ghetto Priest

“With On-U Sound’s revival in the early 00s, both live and on record, came a new figurehead for the label’s future – Ghetto Priest.

Known for some time now as a member of the On-U Sound family and collective and a former football hooligan turned Rastafarian preacher, Ghetto Priest is the latest Adrian Sherwood protége to headline on his label.

He ran with the Arsenal crew, before making the move into grown-up crime and getting arrested. In prison he turned to Rastafarianism, began writing lyrics, and after his release became part of Sherwood’s African Head Charge collective and started MC-ing on the producer’s live DJ sets.

Ghetto Priest reguarily performs with Asian Dub Foundation as well as releasing a plethora of tracks independently on labels such as Reggae Roast and with Detroit’s David Asher.”

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