The Wirebender presents: Keep good company

Tony Page  recently  reviewing the Amber squad’s first single released back in 1980.

“Ahh back to reality  and a bloody great stonker of a tune. It does my head in that songs like this never make it into the chart that two years later would have a guy his hand up the arse of a great yellow bird reaching the dizzy heights of number 4!
It just goes to show how sad the human race is ?

Rant over as I’m not talking to you dear Anorakist “I cant put my finger on you” . Cue the drums, cue the power chord ,start the FAB vocals and instant chorus .It’s classed as mod but hey its still punky. poer poppy as any classic . Sort of Elvis Costello meets The Clash and the Skids . 
The B side tell you a lie ‘ doesn’t  disappoint with its up tempo guitar riff and the excitement continues with a chuggy guitar and fast flowing lyrics .it’s all over too soon .
 Buy this NOW £45 if you get it soon ?”
Anoraky in the Uk 2 Another 101 RARE NEW WAVE SINGLES 77-81
 As martin Fry up said 
“That was then this is now?”
 Some 40 plus years on its that difficult third single?



“After All These Years” b/w “Keep My Company”, is the new single from The Amber Squad will be released on Friday, Dec 16th, available from Also watch out for news of an upcoming single launch gig in Oakham, on Jan 28th 2023! The Grainstore Oakham

Great vintage

and we preview it here on Radio on Berlin

Some added value here is a live recording of My band john glenn and the fireflies recorded pre lockdown at the ship alongside sister chain brother john and the Plankwalkers.

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