The Wirebender presents Paul Research

Paul Research has had a long career in the music scene.

One of two brothers in  seminal Edinburgh post punk outfit “The Scars”,his guitar playing still stands out today as one of attitude .It’s wiry post punk ,film noir arrangements  can still  be heard  on the reissue of the Scars one and only lp Author Author, recently remastered and reissued via Cherry Red records, as well as when playing  live with the Voice X project in Edinburgh. he is also a classically trained and performs with the Scotish Sinfonia 

Paul says of the new solo LP skate the Royal mile 

 ” I wanted to record more at home and go in other directions, there were no hard feelings..The initial things i did were inspired by voice and then the songwriting  began to happen .

“in the past i had always struggled with coming up with stuff  by overthinking it, but with VoiceX it just opened the gates.”

 As can be  heard through this lp recorded mixed  and mastered throughout the lockdown era by Paul

Paul added ‘i’d  found another way of working that the results have been good and interesting so i’ll carry on with that for a while ?

Paul Research interviewed by Betty Mayonaise

we play tracks from Paul’s new album Skate the royal mile as well as a live session of the scars recorded in the netherlands in 1981 

” We begin the show with Steve fellows of the Comsat angels and his track Rocket science from the lP 

interviews by the Wirebender narrated via Ranjan ,another Radio on production

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