Interview with Nicolas Collins

Harold Schellinx sent us an interview he recorded and recently transcribed. Since Harold is very good with words I copy his introduction. One side remark to the interview is the location where it was held. You will hear a lot of noises, some of musical origin, that are coming through from the background. ‘Embedded in Noises’ could be another take on ‘The Making of Contemporary Music.’

Here is Harold:

“Part of this year’s Sonic Protest Festival were a series of lectures, workshops and performances by the American composer Nicolas Collins, a student of Alvin Lucier‘s, circuit bender, bricoleur, early adopter of personal computers in live performances, in the 1990’s visiting artistic director of STEIM in Amsterdam, a DAAD composer in residence in Berlin, and currently editor-in-chief of the Leonardo Music Journal, and a professor in the Department of Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.”

“A big part of Nicolas’s contributions to the festival in Paris took place at La Générale Nord-Est, and it is there that Emmanuel Rébus and myself had the pleasure to meet and converse with Nicolas, twice over lunch, and – in between the two – a third time, in the afternoon of Saturday April 2nd 2016, set up as an informal, but audio- and video recorded interview. At the time Emmanuel & I were preparing our contribution to an international interdisciplinary colloquium on the notion of emergence in music, and it was a little bit into this and related notions, that we tried to probe Nicolas’s ideas, opinions and thoughts.
But as such things go, in the end, it all spread out and became so much wider …
Thank you, Nicolas!”



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