Seventy Seconds, the 10 seconds a day Audio Diary of the prime year 2011 by Harold Schellinx

The new program by Harold Schellinx is exactly that what you read in the title. Harold maintains a SoundBlog in which he reports of all things sonic he is part of, instigates or witnesses.

That’s why there is a written report that covers the before, during and after of this peculiar audio diary.

Before there was “the My2k project of a small group of musicians who decided to each record 10 seconds of sound/music everyday of the year 2000.”

Harold came across this idea a few years after. It was too late to join. The year 2000 had already gone.

He promised to himself “that one day I would take up a similar challenge, and do a 10 seconds of sound a day-project myself.”

And so he did. But, the mathematician he is, he developed a formula, a method to ensure that every month the recordings were spread out over the entire day.

After half a year of working on his audio diary, Harold observed: “the daily recording for ‘Seventy Seconds’, my this year’s 10-seconds-per-day audio diary, managed to dramatically increase my day-by-day awareness of the flow & passing of time. Far more than I could have imagined, ‘Seventy Seconds’ ties me to all that continues to be now; but it also became like a spine, that reaches in time from ever more has-beens, via that eternal now, over into the mists of the still has-to-comes; a thread that keeps all my many other activities in line, and around which these are hopping, bopping and freely whirling around; a bit like the locks of hair that wave from my scalp.” 

At the end he promised: “I will do another 10 secs per day audio diary in the next prime year, 2017. If only I manage to get there, sound & moderately safe. But I did notice, when January 1st arrived, that I simply could not kick the routine & habit I had fallen into, of daily sound recording. On the other hand, continuing the 10 seconds audio snippet recording into all of the coming years, was – for me – not an option.”

Radio On broadcasts the audio diary in two parts. You might conclude with us that life is worth living it, every second. Thank you Harold.

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