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word to Harold

“Fourteen years ago, in april 2004, at the end of a very long post in my SoundBlog, I promised that in all of the prime years to come (that is, years whose number in our Anno Domini way of counting is a prime number), I’d record a decasecond (ten seconds) of sound each and every day, and then put all of ‘m decaseconds one after the other, to be able make each prime year come sounding by again and again and again, in just a little under 61 minutes: in 365 decasecond audio slots.”

The first prime year that came to be after 2004 was 2011.
I kept my promise.

Then after 2012, -13, -14,-15 and -16 came 2017, the second prime year to follow 2004.
And again I kept a decasecond of recorded sound for each of the year’s 365 days. They are gathered in this here “2M0M1XVII”, for which the 3650 2017-seconds were ever so slightly compressed in order to make them all together last for precisely one hour.

The rapid succession of daily sonic snippets relentlessly mirrors the passing of time, eavesdropping on a very personal soundscape that due to the decasecond shifts and cuts nevertheless remains sort of abstract. But the attentive (re-)listener may over time discern the many lines of (unfinished) drama and euphoria, of hopes and fears, as they continue to unfold. It is in this sense that the decasecond pieces truly become diaries. They are also simply works made out of sound, the “intangible and uncanny ghost that always travels half a mile ahead of its own shape” (William Faulkner, Light in August).

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