Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Don Campau special, part1

Don’s own words about the beginning of his career:”at the time I lived near this old road in San Jose where the train ran parallel. The train sounded a lot like the autochord sound on Greg’s Yamaha keyboard. There was magic in this simplicity and the fact that anything seemed possible.”

The first part of LL’s special on Don Campau offers everything that a lover of Americana can wish for. It becomes a road movie, not showing you the geographical landscape, but various aspects of a cutural landscape as it changed during the 1970s and 1980s. People who love Werner Herzog’s movies that were set and shot in the US at that time, will for sure marvel at the richness of Don’s world of sound.

LL shows himself a very skillful guide, and knows how to get you, dear listener, to the hidden places. Don’t worry about the food. There’s loads of restaurants along the way.



The Don Campau Special 1

1. The Roots Of Madness – Realisation 1
2. The Roots Of Madness – Flight Of The Ocka Bird
LP – The Roots Of Madness – 1971

3. Don Campau – buddhist ceremony at the burger joint
4. Don Campau – lonely whistle
MC – new monterey road sounds – recorded 1982-4

5. Don Campau – Distance
6. Don Campau – Spiro Agnew Dance
7. Don Campau – Two Minutes
8. Don Campau – Penalty For Early Withdrawal
MC – Alphabetical Odor – Recorded in San Jose CA 1981

9. Don Campau Meteors and Pickles (excerpts)
MC – Meteors and Pickles – 1987

10. Ken Clinger – Radio
11. Kevyn Dymond – intro id
12. Don Campau and Lord Litter – Don’t Play With Matches
No Pigeonholes Radioshow – 7 January 1990

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