Screaming men, guitar solos, acid and cocaine addicts, glam, B-movie, space ships, protest songs, fairies, Cecil B. Demille, it is all there. More dangerous than chasing pokemons in the street, more exciting than boiling a bucket full of popcorn, more entertaining than watching the eight o’clock news, more challenging than shopping at Aldi, here’s Lord Litter’s Cassette Culture Special. Start burning those tapes Now!

Facts, Myths & Lies of DIY music 1987-1993
Darrel Draeger’s cassette culture blog

1. THE RUDY SCHWARTZ PROJECT – Lynyrd Skynyrd Memorial Tractor Pull – MC – Bowling For Appliances (1987) – today  article/interview

2. Gary Wray – The Wind – MC – Back From Pluto – today: Tabonga’s Monster Shop

3. Hermanos Guzanos – Got’sta Giv’it Up – MC / CD – The Worm People

4. John Bartles / Hermanos Guzanos – Used To Be A Preacher! – MC – Music Licked Clean By Dirty Crows In The Moonlight (1990)

5. THE LARRY MONDELLO BAND – Somebody/Nobody – MC – Mondello Mantras (1991) –  – interview/article  & history

6. Rattus Rex – Different Ways – MC compilation – Underground Pop? – Gaby Tiger (Rattus Rex)

7. SCOTT DAVEY – Tales from the Grassy Knoll: Entrances & Exits – MC – Goner (1993)

8. Big Jed – My Town First
9. Crash and Burn – Last Night Stand
8/9 from Cassette Compilation “Refried Dreams”

Facts, Myths & Lies of DIY music 1987-1993

The United World Underground Collection
.. a Lightscribe data disc, contains 30 DIY cassette albums, several PDF books, CD compilation, bonus tracks.. and more.

1. L.G. Mair Jr. (U.S.A.) – Return To The Vortex

2. (Magic Moments) At Twilight Time (U.K.) – Caulphorquaets – IN LOVING MEMORY OF KATE TWILIGHT 1968-99

3. Elza (Ukraine) – Marijuana

4. Galactic Lilah Et L’Orchestre-Fantôme (Belgium) – Jumping Heart, Variation II

5. Toshiyuki Hiraoka (Japan) – T10

6. Rotton Kidz (Thailand) – Southeast Asia Peace Circle Dance

7. Jaws Of The Flying Carpet (Canada) – Sub-Orbital Grig

All tracks taken from the free music webpage that goes with the compilation, all bands taking part.
The United World Underground Collection


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