…. it’s Berlin between the wars…always…, says LL.

But somewhere somehow peace resists. Must resist.

And somewhere somehow there must still be these tracks one can follow, by intuition, by memory, or with the help of a guide.

Throw a stone.

Fuels, gasses, dust,

cornfields, gold at dawn.

The city always resists.

Welcome to Berlin.

1. Captain Of The Lost Waves – Berlin between the Wars – CD – Hidden Gems II, Circus of Morality – http://www.captainofthelostwaves.com/
The Captain: ” I still see that you can make music in the digital age, and nobody needs to own it. You can enjoy music without having to own anything.”… the second in the trilogy: Hidden Gems, Chapter 2), is an edgy manifestation of musical bliss, dangerously bordering upon madness. –Hollywood Digest


2. Quougnpt – Twonig-nelf – CD – The Several Obsessions of Frankie Valli –

>> Darrell Draeger’s “Facts Myths & Lies of D.I.Y Music 1987-1993” Cassette Culture Blog
3. LIZA NELIAZ – Slogan – MC compilation – INSANE MUSIC FOR INSANE PEOPLE Vol. 16 (1987) – 2016 interview of Alain Neffe/Insane Music (English subtitles)

Scan 16

>> The Music & Elsewhere Collection (M&E 25-02)
4. The Stinking Badger of Java – Bush Turkey
5. Robin O’Brien – Ulban
4/5 from – Data collection with PDF book and more goodies –

6. UNIT – The Abandoned Railway
7. UNIT – 1985
6/7 from Unit Datacollection 21 sept 19 –
Andy Martin (UNIT) interview


>> Godspunk Volume twenty! …………
8. Infected Youth – Evil Gods of Darkness have Mercy
9. Mutant Beatniks – Cosmic Orders
10. The Large Veiny Members – A Salads Pucker
……. …………


11. Crystal Jaqueline and The Honey Pot – Sympathy – color vinyl double 7″ EP –



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