Wassily Bosch presents schizoisolation

To listen click here noise-in-quarantine mix of live performances on a very unusual guy's kitchen - a great night with cops called by neighbours and all this schizolation mix I - music finally forbidden for medical reasons almost two hours of intolerable sounds from behind the iron anti-virus curtain presented by wassily bosch this material … Continue reading Wassily Bosch presents schizoisolation

Electro Haram and Beyond – 5, ft Sergey Bolotin

Electro Haram are a collective from Moscow. They use tapes and vinyl records found in the garbage, on flea markets or on the attics of abandoned buildings to construct sound works, which leave space for every day life coincidences. This episode was recorded on the top floor of a small tower, overlooking factories and railway … Continue reading Electro Haram and Beyond – 5, ft Sergey Bolotin

Today 7th of July, 19.00 Live interview with Wassily Bosch

Wassily Bosch, on a short visit from Moscow, will be this evening's guest at the Radio On studio. Wassily Bosch works on nazlo records, releasing small editions of sound carriers, all with hand-made packaging.   video of nazlo works. Wassily Bosch is also part of the electro-haram collective that offers sound works based on found … Continue reading Today 7th of July, 19.00 Live interview with Wassily Bosch

Electro Haram and Beyond, part two

With Electro Haram, a collective from Moscow, other Russian sounds will reach your ears. Sounds that evoke images which bring us back to Soviet times. The poetic language of Tarkovski, the sense of an other not yet explored world or the sense of the unknown is are amongst the expressions that electro haram brings together … Continue reading Electro Haram and Beyond, part two

electro-haram and beyond

New to Radio On and so beautiful. We open up to the east and welcome electro-haram. They find sounds on sidewalks, in abandoned houses, in cardboard boxes under an office desk, behind the wallpaper, in chimneys, but also in less profanic places like flea markets or thrift stores. The show will be a first in … Continue reading electro-haram and beyond