Angelo Bignamini – The sea next door

To listen click here Angelo says: "The Sea Next Door" is a dancing meditation about memory and time. Old found radio reels were used, which belonged to an independent radio from the 70s and 80s, operating in the area of ​​south Milan, Italy. The sea clippings was recorded in Senigallia (Ancona, Italy) in the summer … Continue reading Angelo Bignamini – The sea next door

Angelo Bignamini – Vita spericolata

Angelo Bignamini lives in a village south of Milan. Italy was one of the countries in the world where many people died of Covid-19. The government took drastic measures. The population lived practically under house arrest, observed by drones and helicopters; controlled by police in the streets, only permitted to leave their homes with authorisation … Continue reading Angelo Bignamini – Vita spericolata