Angelo Bignamini – Vita spericolata

Angelo Bignamini lives in a village south of Milan. Italy was one of the countries in the world where many people died of Covid-19. The government took drastic measures. The population lived practically under house arrest, observed by drones and helicopters; controlled by police in the streets, only permitted to leave their homes with authorisation to be shown on a printed document. Angelo started to record in and outdoor life and occurances right from the start. The translation of ‘vita spericolata’ is ‘reckless life.’


In his words:

“_sound notes collected during the first weeks of quarantine in Castiglione d’Adda (Italy) on cassette, microcassette and smartphone.

_reordered on April 19, 2020

Vita Spericolata is:

radio zapping, food market, first outing, ants, secret life of plants from the neighbor’s window, ambulances, wind, rigged engines, living room, mandolins, updates on the dead, braxton, cars, boys playing, radio on, andras shiff plays schubert, bells, radio live calls, riccardo luciani, telephones on hold, other ambulances, gabbani with cars,radio newspaper, my brother plays the violin, my father comments on the dpcm, christian celebration live on smartphone, journey to work, ak’chamel, presidents, other busy phones, press conference / experiments, solaris, inti illimani, my cdplayer crashes, courtyard sounds, other ambulances, spring, iva zanicchi, outside the food shop, sun ra, incipit of La Traviata, children in the background, applause and rain, dirt

“Vita Spericolata” is collected and reordered by Angelo Bignamini


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