No music without pain

no pain without life

no life without music

unless you retreat in silence,

And even then…

Here’s Rádio Nuda from our man in Prague, not a mixtape, or a soundcloudmix or a finished product; it is merely a moment in an endless stream of awareness and unawareness and who gives a f•ck if we don’t?

Says R.
Garbegian weird cut-ups show ruled by O reche Modo.Based on a dionysiac desire of theft disappropriation collectivisation and flux flux flux

thks much : Popvré a za peníze, Virgin Prunes, Johuš Matuš, Reggae, Антоха МС, Rinus van Alebeek, Scenes from Salad, Bill Orcutt, Erik Minkkinen, Dimi Mint Abba, Officine, Yann Leguay, Paul Gründorfer, … others ?


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