Rádio Nuda #6 – Laconic Resurrection

No music without pain

no pain without life

no life without music

unless you retreat in silence,

And even then…

Here’s Rádio Nuda from our man in Prague, not a mixtape, or a soundcloudmix or a finished product; it is merely a moment in an endless stream of awareness and unawareness and who gives a f•ck if we don’t?

Says R.
Garbegian weird cut-ups show ruled by O reche Modo.Based on a dionysiac desire of theft disappropriation collectivisation and flux flux flux

thks much : Popvré a za peníze, Virgin Prunes, Johuš Matuš, Reggae, Антоха МС, Rinus van Alebeek, Scenes from Salad, Bill Orcutt, Erik Minkkinen, Dimi Mint Abba, Officine, Yann Leguay, Paul Gründorfer, … others ?


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