The Wirebender presents – Bowie is

Bowie pic by Geoff MacCormack


The wirebender says:

# David Bowie’s is exhibition which for 5 years has toured major cities throughout the world .It explores the creative process of the artist

I was able to Follow Bowie’s creative process from his teenage years in England through his last twenty years, when he resided in New York City. The archive is presented within an immersive, multimedia installation that includes continuous audio along with projected animation and video.I was able to capture some of that essence at its final showing in NYC

The result was an audio collage that pretty much self edited its low fidelity harking back to an age of black n white telly and orange footballs in winter. Bowie was yet to peak to his global megastardom but he was emerging as an essential multi media artist

alongside this I’ve included some photographic images from our stay in the city these are provided by jill newman.


The wirebender looking at strawberry fields in winter.

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