Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – The pre-internet Age

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 A Kosmische Kompilation!
1. Brendan Pollard – Sequenzerzeit
2. Jah Buddha – Direction Berlin
Over 200 minutes of music inspired by Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh and the German electronic music scene of the early 70s.
1/2 – Head in the Clouds, various artists – colour vinyl double LP + double CD combined set – 

Cassette Culture: Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit in the Pre-Internet Age by Jerry Kranitz (320 pg book + 2-CD compilation)
3. If,Bwana – Beauty and the Beast  
4. Jeff Central – Tragick
5. Ken Moore – Soft Pretense
6. Monochrome Bleu – Imagination
7. Muslimgauze – Cyst
8. Years on Earth – Opposition
The book takes a social history/analytical approach to the growth of the global cassette culture/homemade music network. The author explores how the participants communicated, traded, collaborated, and set up cottage industry labels to distribute their work. And I recommend VERY MUCH to get your personal copy!

If you want to come close to the real variety produced in those years, I recommend to listen to Don Campau’s original No Pigeonholes Shows.
> 7.19.1992
> 3.26.1995

9. UNIT – Tropa
10. UNIT – The Algebra Of Greed
Data collection august 2020  

extensive interview with Unit’s Andy Martin

Darrell Draeger’s “Facts Myths & Lies of D.I.Y Music 1987-1993” Cassette Culture Blog
11. Darrell Draeger – La Fantisma Archie Realized
12. Darrell Draeger – Dreaming of Screaming
11/12 PF release –
Darrell Draeger’s movie blog 
Darrell Draeger’s Cassette Culture blog 
Who is Darrell Draeger? 

13. Moon Goose – Trains – double CD compilation – we are The Cellar Bar Restoration Society – 

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