Anders Ostberg – Whip Antenna, part one

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The new series of programmes by Anders Östberg evolve around short wave recordings.

Imagine this: Everywhere you are, in or around your house, on a boat, in the air, on the streets or in nature, you’re always surrounded by sounds. Sometimes these sounds can be recognised as voices or music, sometimes it is a sequence of tics, cracks, warbles, bleeps, moops, hiss.

Imagine this: Aliens. Aliens who are able to listen to all frequencies, to hear radio signals. Silence speaks in many tongues, simultaneously.

Here’s an hour of mysterious sounds. It is impossible to find out what it is. But it is very impossible to be captured, intrigued, and trasnported to a different sonic dimension.

Anders says:

Wide-band audio recordings by me for a postponed audio/visual project with visual artist CA Thorheim. The recordings was made with WebSDR whip antenna. Thanks to Amateur radio club (ETGD) at Faculty for Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science University Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands.

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