Anders Östberg – The Stars are Beautiful

Anders Östberg reaches out to the stars. He can see a lot of them in his hometown somewhere in Sweden. The music might be defined ambient. But there is also a time before ambient music. And that’s where some of the pieces come from. From somewhere in space, or at least from a place that could be defined as such.

You will hear sounds for space travels, and for lounge parties in space ships. You will hear music that was avant-garde many eons ago, and you will hear sounds to help you search for life forms out there.

Anders says.
“I have a soft spot for New Age-ish music. Maybe this selection is in that genre, but for certain this is music for the universe…and the stars.”

Track list

One Minute For The Sun – Saito Koji
The Tower – The Inventors of Aircraft
The Road To Mount Helicon – Georgina Brett
Chicago Dream Center – SiP
Saturnienne – Vespre
Eulogy – Unearth Noise
Gods Of Sagarmatha – TALES
Moonlight Reprise – Kai Engel
Waltz of the Parking Meters – Anna Friz & Eric Leonardson

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