2020 – The Outdoor Talks

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2020 was the year that the city of Berlin had a weak pulse. We could hardly receive guests at our studio. Once the threat from the invisible world entered our lives, we decided to go out and record our shows in the open. We started in the last days of February. Little did we know that at the end of the year we still had to go outside because of the virus invasion. We were aware of the danger, but we also started to find pleasure in these outside talks.

2020 – The Outdoor Talks offers a series of talks of all seasons. Shephard and van Alebeek discussed global and local news, little joys and little pains, but most of all they wandered around in the endless territory of their minds where they found strange stories, facts, memories and beautiful lies.

Features also Nikolas Schreck, Jason Honea and Oliver Irongiant

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