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What to say? Or what to write? About this all? This show? These times? The word has been around for such a long time now. Even a long time after that person has left the room, you can still feel its presence. Open the windows? No use. Also the view is contaminated. Disinfect? Rebirth? Mindfullness leading to Mindemptyness? The mutant admires its reflection in the mirror.

Maype vee zoot unlaw a chain-s of langurge.


Godspunk Volume twenty-two
    quite possible the longest running underground compilation series worldwide …
1. UNIT – Sex for Spastics – 
2. Magic Bullet – We would hear the machines (godspunk edit)  
3. Hermanos Guzanos – Jorge & Tony 
4. Dr. Awkward – clickclickclick

5. Nil By Nose – Drone On
6. Howl in the Typewriter with Andy, Carl & Paul – Thoughtfishing (John Tree’s Lament)
7. Harsh Noise Movement – Dream Demon
8. Howl in the Typewriter & The Taurus Board – Con Artist
9. Large Veiny Members – Close your eyes
1-9 – CD compilation – Godspunk Volume twenty-two   

10. Didier Leboz – Picture Music 3 –  exclusive
11. Didier Leboz – Feedbackgenerator – exclusive

12. Rob Gould – Tierra de Terror – CD – Zeitmeister 

13. Vince Cory – 69 Wheeler – 3 LP plus bonus CD – Head Rush 


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14. Vangelis O. Papathanassiou – We Were All Uprooted – LP – Earth – 

15. Pinhdar – Hidden Wonders – CD/LP – Parallel 

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