Modulisme #7 – Kevin Rix

Everything on the track was recorded with a Buchla 200e system in one take. I hit record with nothing patched in and started performing as I patched. As Todd Barton says: “follow the sound.” To me that means “follow the emotion” and “follow the story.” I believe that’s what Todd does in his compositions. I heard his incredible Multum in Parvo album two months ago, and since then I’ve been recording many patch from scratch improvised compositions. The main sequencers I used are the 250e and 252e. The oscillators are the 259e, 261e, Studio H 258e, and 25S. Other modules used are the Vedic Scapes delay, 1979 SMP, 266e, 281e, 292e, and 296e. I also have the Strymon blueSky and TimeLine patched in. 

Kevin Rix interview

Kevin Rix Bc

The modulisme series is curated by Philippe Petit