Modulisme#8 – André Stordeur

Our session was kindly assembled by Michael Stordeur, son of the composer and shall pave the way to his label documenting the « lost works » of André…
We are PROUD to offer 2 powerful live recorded 40 years ago , as well as a composition for Tablas & Electronics + a little lullaby to pack it up.

« Silver Apples On The Moon » was a shock to me. I started to reconsider my aesthetic. It was not only an emotional shock but also an aesthetic shock. Morton was the trigger. For the first time, there was a musician who made electronic music that could swing. Swing in the swinger sense and so, to me who grew up listening to jazz, being used to the swing aspect of music, it worked in full effect.
There is no one else who can do it, there is only Morton. I also really liked what Morton Subotnick’s wife, Joan La Barbara, was doing. She is a person who sings in a style called: extended techniques. It’s a bit of a singing style like Cathy Berberian in Berio’s Face.
There is another person who was crucial in my life: Diamanda Galas. She is a pianist at the San Diego Symphony Orchestra and did contemporary music and who is known worldwide for her singing style, a bit like Joan La Barbara.
She intrigued me because she had an extraordinary personality, an extraordinary culture, notably contemporary music, but not so much jazz while at the same time, being very attracted to Satanism.

complete interview with André Stordeur

Moderated by Ben Edwards

The modulisme series are curated by Philippe Petit