Späti Stories with Jason Honea & Adrian Shephard – No-Edits Show #3

No-Edits is possibly one of the most laziest shows on Radio-On-Berlin with very little work put into the production with the rule of ‘no editing’ of the recorded material. However it also shows an honesty to you the listener as we have not tried to cut out anything that we didn’t want you to hear – of course it is not perfect but who wants perfection. We want you to feel like you were there at the time !

No-Edits Show #3 finds Adrian Shephard (with the recorder on) and Jason Honea outside the Späti ‘(drinking establishment) on Naunystr in Kreuzberg, Berlin close to the newly renamed Rio Reiser Platz. It’s late Summer in August 2022 and Jason has just finished an hour Podcast interview in the Radio-On studio for an online Punk magazine…now it’s time to drink and talk about ?….well listen in and either get annoyed by us from the next table or make notes…

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