wassily bosch – what i HEaRD here

well there was obviously some magic of the moment as sometimes happens when you are r e a l l y tripping in any meaning of the word, you want to take pictures of everything, but at the same time you realise it’s not really worth doing – i was trying to make some field recordings of a new place, but i soon became bored and disappointed despite the fact i finally had a special thing for this – you can check if you will hear the special vivid stereo effect sometimes, i am not sure it’s really there if you listen to it on different equipment – so i made some recordings, but not the way i was going to, it was not really ‘the sonic exploration of the new realm through re-consideration of a sound background appropriation paradygm something something’ you are doing when you are (or pretend to be) an institutionally-supported mixed-media artist, but rather a collection of really weird and sometimes tense forced silence moments, sounds of being alone in the mountains, etc., don’t really want to remember all this again, so i won’t listen, but you can try.