MK Ultraterrestrial Broadcasting – Obscure dwellers and hi-jacked shows

Joachim Nordwall’s (Co-founded Swedish experimental label Börft Records. Left label and Sweden in 1994. Later returned, and formed the iDEAL Recordings.) A.B.O.  Started as Ausgang Berlin in 1989, became A.B. in 1990 and finally as A.B.O. in 1992 or slight variations of A.B.O.

Dull BoysAbstract Non-music from Finland

Új Bála Experimental / Industrial / Techno producer from Budapest, Hungary based in Brussels, Belgium. Did various releases via Brain Fatigue, Lost Dog Entertainment, Plague Records. 

Mark Reeve (not to be confused with the German techno DJ of the same name) was born in April 1968 in the county of Norfolk, England, amidst potent trans-Plutonian astro-theonic influences. His earliest still-remembered memories are of feeling very different from everyone else and perceiving strange phenomena, that was soon followed by what could be termed, because they seemed to be, “UFO and alien close encounters and abductions”. After this terrifying yet rewarding series of events he developed an intense and continuous interest in Otherness and the possibilities of an expanded consciousness. Later on, he co-refounded the magical-art “cult cult” the OKOK Society (aka: “OKOK Research Bureau”) and was the contributing editor and producer of many OKOKian works. These days he’s a real Nowhere Man. 

Salò Mentale. This project is basically Anthony Blokdijk working with different other people, among them KK (Karlow K.) Formerly known since 1984 as De Gestalt, Salò Mortale, Abrahadabra.

Found and delivered by Chandor Gloomy.