MK Ultraterrestrial Broadcasting – Obscure dwellers and hi-jacked shows

Mark Reeve 

(not to be confused with the German techno DJ of the same name) was born in April 1968 in the county of Norfolk, England, amidst potent trans-Plutonian astro-theonic influences. His earliest still-remembered memories are of feeling very different from everyone else and perceiving strange phenomena, that was soon followed by what could be termed, because they seemed to be, “UFO and alien close encounters and abductions”. After this terrifying yet rewarding series of events he developed an intense and continuous interest in Otherness and the possibilities of an expanded consciousness. Later on, he co-refounded the magical-art “cult cult” the OKOK Society (aka: “OKOK Research Bureau”) and was the contributing editor and producer of many OKOKian works. These days he’s a real Nowhere Man.

Hairs Abyss

Dystopian electronics ranging from eerie static transmissions
to nightmarish synth squall.

The Undergroundlings

In parallel worlds we meet of earth and magnetic spheres we welcome you.

Tselem Enosh

Is a project of Liza Kuzyakova (Sáof) and Amos Peled (Thomim, Karkait, WEC). Their music exists in the intersection of power electronics, industrial rhythms, and occasional bursts of noise, building another confusing reality – ambient in the terror of the sound. Their live shows drag a listener into an experience of hypnotic and repetitive sound, almost becoming a lullaby of unspoken tales. Screams screech from within the throat, strings opening gates to other ears, noise unraveling for the chambers of the soul. They have performed at a variety of venues in and outside of Europe.