Sheffield Patrol Group – The Wheel and The Axle

Have you ever wondered if Elton John sold his soul to the devil for the sake of a polyurethane wig in the same deal that saw the genius Sting (Ein-Sting-Stein) equipped with the skills to engage in 8-hour Tantric bunk-ups?

Have you ever longed to hear decent versions of ‘John Barleycorn’ and ‘Thomas Rymer’ that do justice to the ancient texts (Satchmo style)?

Then why not feast your ears on THE WHEEL AND THE AXLE, brought to you live (or undead) from the New Jerusalem of Northern England by Sheffield Patrol Group?

And there are also many other things to be heard on THE WHEEL AND THE AXLE, the which, if they should be heard every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the audio files that should be generated.

So be it.


1. Intro: Sailor Boy

2. National Treasure

3. Satchmo Style

4. Klepto-Lunar Nympho-Christ

5. John Barleycorn (Satchmo Style)

6. Look Everywhere

7. Satan Sat in Somerset Set

8. Look Nowhere

9. Psycho Satchmo Liber Style

10. Curse Alien Big Thinkers’ Signals

11. Thomas Rymer (Satchmo Style)

12. Fat Dolls

13. Outro: Execution Chamber

Sheffield Patrol Group