Gudinni Cortina and Anne-F Jacques – Barometric Dispatch/Despacho Barométrico – episode 3

A bi-monthly summary of sonic contributions and updates received from presses précaires (Montréal) and ISO (Ciudad de Mexico) collaborators, friends and informants, located in various altitudes, caught in different weather systems. fragmented landscapes, failing devices and inexact charts.

compiled in 30 minutes blocks of audible matter by Gudinni Cortina and Anne-F Jacques.

El despacho barométrico es un sumario bi mensual que muestra contribuciones sonoras y actualizaciones recibidas de colaboradorxs, amigxs y informadorxs, situadxs en diversas altitudes, atrapadxs en diferentes sistemas meteorológicos. Paisajes fragmentados, dispositivos que faltan y cartas inexactas.

Está recopilado en bloques de 30 minutos de materia audible por Gudinni Cortina y Anne-F Jacques.

Imaginary rivers by Elena Solis and Antonia Alarcón; found and made sounds by Arturo Hernández Alcázar; some unused material retrieved from the archives of film works by Julie Doucet and Anne-F Jacques. Mysterious gestures, ubiquitous cell phones, dysfunctional electronics, serial eavesdropping.