Anne-F Jacques – Sounds for the Post-Peak Oil 14

Anne-F Jacques is with us for a number of years now. Based in Montreal, Anne’s dealings with sound bring her to places all over the world. Time flies everywhere. We are glad that she came back to us on the wings of time with a very pleasing report from La Paz in Bolivia. In this new episode of the post-peak oil Anne-F guides us through streets and spaces of La Paz. And it’s a delightful and inviting tour. Bolivia seems just around the corner.

In Anne’s words

one month in la paz, bolivia, exactly one year ago, to participate in a project of collaborative sound cartography of the city. in this episode, sounds from the street, the telepheric, the market, the window, recorded by me and by the other participants in the project, sometimes transmitted through materials and re-recorded, are all mixed together.
thanks to Guely Morató, Violeta Montellano, Narda Alvarado, Miguel Llanque, Christian Morales, Lluvia Bustos and Sonandes Arte Sonoro.

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