Nazlo Records presents Nazlo Junkyard

so this is one of the last performances i had on blessed georgian land so far – but not the last one, but anyway this time was special because we had an occasion of our friend EMERGE coming from germany – so we booked the best venue in town and called the best performers to support the act (there should be a joking statement that they did not appear, so we played ourselves, but that’s what happened actually in a way, so that’s not so funny – there was some uk guys shibari show planned titled aluminium something or whatever – but they got covid, so STILLSCHWEIGEND agreed to join as a replace act, which was better if you ask me because his project name is in german, this sounds like a concept, right? i still don’t know what it means by the way) – and prepared ourselves for a big night of suluguni, khinkali and kinzmarauli and so on – guys actually had a whole tour playing twice in Tiflis, once in Batumi on the seaside, once in Yerevan, Armenia and one more time on a livestraming without live audience (almost, because my friend’s friends were in town and came to hang out with us, i thought this would be also a good move because they are germans as well (you can see a pattern in this, i guess), but it appeared that they actually are from Australia and UK, but happen to live in Berlin – such a global world, huh) – and all this in five days, so they must have felt crazy because the road was not really easy i guess – btw you can also see the livestreams (, on this one with EMERGE and RE-DRUM i finally managed to use my circuit-bent video mixer, that refused to work this way before, so i finished all the video plans before leaving tiflis, thanks everyone involved for this, i don’t like leaving things unfinished…

so it was in the following order 

dolphin hospital (experimental / intolerable ambient)

some unpredictable and predictable at the same time sounds from nazlo records co-founder, @noiseisdead admin and former modular enthusiast

.nyctalops. (death industrial)

no further explanation needed

EMERGE (excerpt one)


EMERGE (excerpt two)

Re-Drum (intellectual noise music)

stillschweigend (very digital ambient)