Timothy Snyder – Ukraine, from Propaganda to Reality

It is tradition to publish lists of some sorts at the end of the year. Radio On will not present a list of what we think were our ten best programs, because we think all our programs were our ten best programs; neither do we have a top ten of quotes, songs or predictions.

One series of programs that ran all through the year 2014 were our talks with Dmytro Fedorenko in Kiev. It started during the uprisings on the Maidan square. After that we heard about the killings, the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbass.

Parallel to these interviews Timothy Snyder published a series of articles. He confirmed the things witnessed and monitored by Dmytro, but being a historian he added names and historical facts.

His lecture holds a list of the events in Ukraine that led up to the present war. History, Russia, postmodern politics, propaganda, misinformation, Aliens that shot down MH17, it is all in his talk. Not to be missed.

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timothy snyder