Killed by Christmas – Logbook

13:00:00 Xmass at Saint-Sébastien Shopping mall by William Nurdin
13:13:33 Christmas Aerobics by Tzii
13:16:57 jingle bells rock by astma

13:18:33 Every boy and every girl is dead 4 xmas (No xmas no cry) by Brandstifter
13:27:25 Lights by Charles Goff III -Killr Kaswan on electric guitar
13:40:17 Apocalypse Christmas, part 1 – Rinus van Alebeek

13:48:52 Apocalypse Christmas, part 2 – Valerie Kuehne
13:51:33 Apocalypse Christmas, part 3 by The Wasps Nests and Valerie Kuehne.
14:25:25 Christmas is Killing me by Unterlala & Kim Laugs

14:32:21 Little Donkey
14:33:39 All fired up by Purple Crow
14:35:46 Worst Christmas Singing Ever by Trey

14:37:01 Worst christmas singing ever by Gregory Kesemeyer
14:40:22 Gayla Peevey – I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
14:42:59 Spike Jone & His City Slickers – All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)

14:46:00 Mannheim Steamroller – Deck the Halls
14:49:17 Elmo &Patsy – Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer
14:52:38 Dr Demento & The Singing Dogs – Jingle Bells
14:54:18 How Many Years Too Soon by Chrome

14:59:24 Jingle, No bells

All time indications are Berlin time, World time