Antonio Mainenti – The 16th Century and Auto-Tune + Artificial Paradise

In this new program Antonio Mainenti will prove how the Auto-Tune plugin connects directly to the baroque compositions of the 16th Century. If you don’t know what Auto-Tune does to a voice I suggest you inhale some Helium and start singing.

The second part is a perfect juxtaposition to the poppified baroque songs. A group of students sets out on an afternoon to produce a radio program. A narration is found, the sounds that go with it, and a daydream in sound takes form.

in Antonio’s words:

“The 16th century and Auto-tune: the most Baroque plugin + Artificial Paradise

1- (33′) Auto-tune: the most Baroque plugin.

My time machine brought me in the 16th century, I brought with me a box of plugins.

2- (12′) Artificial Paradise by a group of Psychology Students of Pavia University and CEM.

A student , the daily routine that begins , his favourite song and a daydream.
A group of Psychology studies (University of Pavia) invites you to reevaluate your hearing: close your eyes!

Credits 1:
– production, original music and auto-tune: Antonio Mainenti

– amarilli mia bella (Caccini)

– ch’ami la vita mia (Monteverdi)

– capriccio sopra la battaglia (Frescobaldi)

– Gagliarda (Gesualdo)

– ancora il re nasce piangendo, tu che pallido esangue, tablatures de chitarrone et de luth (Kapsberger)

– woods (Bon Iver)

– We Dem Boyz ( Wiz Khalifa)

Credits 2:
-direction: Antonio
-production, idea and field recordings: Nicole, Veronica, Martina, Lorenzo, Claudia, Gaia, Davide, Gloria, Lorenzo, Andrea, Matteo, Silvia, Davide, Sara, Nicole, Marco, Alessandro, Elisabetta, Tommaso, Lucinda, Andrea, Elena, Mirta
-Space Oddity, David Bowie
– Astronomy domine, Pink Floyd
– Kazakh Folk music
– BBC news
-lost cosmonaut

The 16th Century + Artificial Paradise broadcasts last days of January and all through February Sunday 00:00-01:00, Monday 11:00-12:00, Tuesday 23:00-24:00, Thursday 00:00-01:00 and 11:00-12:00, Friday and Saturday 14:00-15:00 Berlin time, World time