Interview with Dmytro Fedorenko, after Minsk 2

One year ago we talked for the first time with Dmytro Fedorenko. He lived in Kiev and at that time the protest movement on Maidan square was making headlines all over the world. After the first talk there was a good reason for a second talk. After that interview the situation got worse as 100 protesters were killed by snipers. The president disappeared overnight. It was no reason to be happy; the people mourned about the victims of the snipers. In fact, a period of peace never came as Russia soon started to poke up the fire. First by sending little green men to Crimea, and annex it, then by choreographing the protests in Donbass which led to a war, where Russian mercenaries fight side by side with Russian soldiers and has counted over 6000 people killed.

All through the year we got back to Dmytro and talked things over.

This interview will be the last one. We hear again about Maidan, how the Donbass revolts started, the typical copycat behaviour by the so-called seperatists and the Russian propaganda machine, the way the war is perceived in the west and Dmytro’s experiences with this puzzled perception during discussions. He gives an account of his talk with a friend who after six months on the front came back for a short break. And we return to normal life, now that he is based in Vienna (he also tells why) and will pick up his work with and on sound again. His first performance after a long break will be on 8. March in Paris. Catch it if you can; it will be memorable.

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