Totallyrealprobablynotfake Radio

Welcome to Totallyrealprobablynotfake Radio. We are your hosts Sam Lievens and Wayne Shott. Totallyrealprobablynotfake Radio is the greatest radio show of all time including the past and the future. Join us as we skip through the fields of the 4th dimension weaving together soundscapes for your glistening, listening pleasure. This episode will bring you bits and pieces of an exclusive interview of A. Yester Crowdlee, founder and president of the Totallyrealprobablynotfake label. As well as a full bouquet of songs by artists released on the Peachland based label.


1. shane watt bannd – Millions (Low Rent Folk)

2. A Montreal Paul – Through Countryside/Tumble Down (Suppose We Tune Out the Nonsense)

3. marie-noëlle Of The Record – algo precioso (No Heart Feelings)

4. Blaise Watt – So It Goes (A Common Jay)

5. Telewave Radio – Blue (The artist at home in his private studio aided by the isolator.)

6. The Graffiti Peep Hole – Nitty Gritty (That’s Right! It’s The Graffiti Peep Hole 1967-1975)

7. Graffiti People – Cafeene & Wheede (Negativland)

8. A Shovel Is A Tool – Big Owe (Digit)

9. A Shovel Is A Tool – Starter Pack Jack (Dig It)

10. food is a weapon – that’s quite big (Make lunch not war)

11. Graffiti People – Start At The Beginning And Work Backwards (Abuse Your Delusion II)

12. Overlord – museum (Sad Boi)

13. almost nobody – Creek Ghost Get Rock Rot (The Perfect Whatever)

14. Swall – HJKL – (A Swall Kinda Feeling)

15. Ironic Butter Fly – knowing the oak tree (take the thrill road to good times.)

16. Owen Money and the knews – tree of life (Sporks)