Lord Litter’s Radio On Show, episode 7 (The conflicting stories of Berlin)

The radio shows by LL slowly start to become indispensable for the new Berlin immigrants. Take this latest episode in which he says that Germany needed Max Greger after the war. So, who is Max Greger? And what does he have to do with Berlin? Then think of the world war scars and ruins that are still present under the streets and buildings of Berlin, and think how the sound of the liberators taught the Germans to dance in a different way.

And then he digs up Oscar Sala, who ‘started to make electronic music when the rest of Germany studied marching music.’ Listen and hear a world that is destroyed, and slowly rebuilt.

Hear it, in just another ordinary radio show by LL.

1. Max Greger – Rock’n Roll Boogie – double CD – Deutsche Tanzorchester heizen ein! –

2. The Hadron Big Bangers – Pink Sabbath – release – Strange Beauty Decays –

3. aggrar niederhof – fendt pendt – CD / DVD – F10_1 –







4. Art Of The Memory PalaceLa Lumiere – –

5. Alvaro – Sebastian – forthcomming release
>> ALVARO Live > 18.9.2015 in Potsdam im KUZE
new songs and screening of Documentation “Full Dedication ALVARO”
> Full Dedication ALVARO – Trailer

6. Church Of Betty – Ever Deeper – CD – Swirled World







7. ZX+ – Photographs – CD – Don’t drink the water –

8. Tir Na Nog – Tir Na Nog (live) – vinyl single –

9. Monoid – Sting – MC – Tape Heads Two







10. Oskar Sala – Der Fluch der gelben Schlange
11. Oskar Sala – Der Wuerger von Schloss Blackmoor
10/11 from CD – Kriminalfilmmusick no 4 –

12. Monday Machines – Alive – CD – Monday Machines

13. Charles Rice Goff III – Eighty Five – The Nonfiction Of Glarmen Glamours –

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